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Letter A - Golf Definitions, Terms, Vocabulary and Slang
A game
The best golf you are capable of playing.
Active Season
An active season is the period of time, determined by the authorized golf association having jurisdiction in a given area, during which scores made there will be accepted for handicap purposes.
A hole-in-one; a score of 1 on any hole.
To impart backspin onto the ball.
Position taken by a player prior to hitting a shot. According to the USGA Rules of Golf, a player has "addressed" the ball when he has taken his stance and grounded his club. In a hazard a player is considered to have addressed the ball when he has taken his stance.
Adjusted Gross Score
Adjusted gross score is a player's gross score adjusted under USGA Handicap System procedures for unfinished holes, conceded strokes and holes not played, or not played under the principles of the Rules of Golf, or adjusted under Equitable Stroke Control.
Process of boring small holes, typically less than 3/4" in diameter, into a putting green (or the fairway) in order to improve growth. The process is usually done once or twice per year.
Afraid of the dark
What a putt is when it won't go in the hole.
Generally, the direction in which your target lies and the direction you intend for your ball to go.
The imaginary straight line, extended level with the hole, on which the player intends to initially strike his putt. After reading the green, an aimline is chosen to allow for all the breaks or curves which are expected to take place before the ball falls in the hole.
Air mail
To hit a shot much farther than planned (most commonly over the green).
A double eagle; a score of 3 under par on a hole; examples are a 1 on a par 4 or a 2 on a par 5.
How your body is aligned in relation to an imagined ball-to-target line.
All Square
In match play, a match is all square (tied) when both players or teams have won the same number of holes. It is abbreviated "AS" on the scorecard.
Any golfer who plays the game for enjoyment and who does not receive direct monetary compensation due to his or her playing or teaching skills.
A system of team play whereby each player takes a tee shot, after which the most favourable ball position is chosen. All the team's players then take a shot from this new position, and so on. (Also known as a Texas Scramble)
Angle of Attack
Also referred to as "Angle of Approach". The angle at which the club head strikes the ball. This affects the trajectory the ball will travel and spin.
A shot from off the green toward the hole; also the closely-mown grassy area leading up to a green.
Approach putt (or lag putt)
A putt not directly aimed at the hole, but close enough to make the next putt a certainty.
The closely mown area encircling a putting green; also called "fringe".
The nearly circular curve around the body made by a golf swing.
Army Golf
Slang term given to a player who has directional problems, especially from the tee. One shot will go to the right, one will go left... (left, right, left, right.) Hence the term "army golf".
The abreviaton on a score card or scoreboard for "All Squared" during a match play round of golf between players or teams.
Attend (the Flagstick)
When a player holds and removes the flagstick for another player.
Australasian Tour
Professional golf circuit for players in Australia and Asia. Similar to the U.S. PGA Tour, but playing courses on the continents of Australia and/or Asia.
Authorized Golf Association
An authorized golf association is a golf association that has jurisdiction and has been licensed by the USGA to issue USGA Handicap Indexes and/or USGA Course and Slope Ratings in its state, district or region through its golf clubs.
The player farther from the hole whose turn it is to play.