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Letter G - Golf Definitions, Terms, Vocabulary and Slang
Those who attend a golf event for the purpose of watching the tournament.
Gear Effect
The effect that tends to cause a ball hit toward the toe or heel side of face center to curve back to the intended target line.
Get down
A message from golfer to ball asking it to cease flying now! Usually heard after a ball is hit too far or offline; almost always uttered with great agitation.
Get legs
A term shouted by a golfer when a shot just made is assumed to be short of the intended goal.
Golf Handicap Information Network. The USGA system used by a majority of golf courses in the U.S. to calculate handicaps.
A shot, usually on the green, but that may be anywhere on the course, that is conceded by a player's opponent. Gimmees are usually applied to short putts that are almost certain to be holed.
Goldie Bounce or Golden Bounce
When an seemingly errant shot (usually off the tee) takes a good bounce and the ball lands back into the fairway.
Golden Ferret
Term used to describe holing out from a greenside bunker.
Golf Association
A golf association is an organization of golf clubs governed by amateur golfers, operated under bylaws and formed for the purpose of conducting competitions for amateur golfers, and otherwise promoting the best interests and conserving the true spirit of the game of golf in a district, region, or state.
Golf Ball
A small sphere used in playing golf, which is intended to be struck by a club and soar in the general direction of the green for a particular hole, if one is playing on a regulation golf course. The important thing is to be able to identify your ball and distinguish it from the balls used by other players. Normally this is done by noting the brand and number of a ball, though some players will often add personalized markings to further differentiate their own sphere of choice.
Golf Club
The piece of equipment used to hit a golf ball.
An organization that operates under bylaws with committees (including a Handicap Committee) to supervise golf activities, provide peer review, and maintain the integrity of the USGA Handicap System. A golf club must have at least ten individual members. Members of a golf club must have a reasonable and regular opportunity to play golf with each other. They must be able to return scores personally, and these scores must be immediately available for review by fellow club members.
Within the context of the USGA Handicap System a member is defined as one who is affiliated with a licensed golf club for the purpose of obtaining a Handicap Index.
Golf Professional
A career in golf dedicated to helping others to enjoy the game. This may be accomplished in a number ways: giving lessons, managing operations, running events, etc.
Golf widow
The wife of an obsessive golfer. She doesn't know who Jack Nicklaus is, and she doesn't care. Her husband will remember Jack's birthday before he remembers hers.
General term given to a putter (or iron) that has an extremely offset hosel.
Very thick grass and/or shrubs from which it may be impossible to play a shot. Gorse is common on European seaside courses.
Direction of growth of blades of grass. Particularly noticeable on putting greens, the grain will have an influence on the direction and speed of the ball as it rolls. Putting "against the grain" requires more effort than "with the grain."
Grass Putter
The name of a club used in the early 1800's that was more upright made much the same as a play club with a long nose. Used prior to 1850 with the feathery ball.
The closely mown, carefully manicured target area in which the hole is cut.
Green Fee (Greens Fee)
Fee charged to play a golf course.
The person responsible for the condition, care and maintenance of the golf course. He or she may also be called the " greens' superintendent."
A variation of foursomes, where each side consists of 2 players. Both players play one tee-shot each from every tee. A choice is then made as to which is the more favourable of the 2 ball positions, the other ball being picked up.
Green in Regulation
A green is considered hit "in regulation" if any part of the ball is touching the putting surface and the number of strokes taken is 2 fewer than par, i.e. with the first stroke on a par-3 hole, second stroke on a par-4, etc.
Greens In Regulation (GIR)
The percentage statistic of the number of greens hit in regulation divided by the number of holes played (in a round, tournament, season or lifetime).
The part of the club you hold, and the way you hold it.
Grip Size
The size (diameter) of the grip. The grip size can influence how you release the golf club through the impact area and will also affect the way you align the club face to the target.
Grocery Money
Winnings from a golf bet that the winner pledges to spend on food and drink, or groceries, usually at the nineteenth hole.
Grooves are the thin, straight, horizontal indentations found in the clubface of irons and woods. The purpose of grooves is to help the club impart backspin on the ball at impact. When the clubface, moving at a high rate of speed, makes contact with the ball, the cover sinks into the grooves, which "grab" the ball and impart backspin. The average, cleanly struck wedge shot spins at about 10,000 rpm.
Gross score
The number of shots taken (plus any penalty strokes) to complete the course before deduction of handicap to give the net score.
Ground Under Repair (GUR)
A marked area (usually by paint, chalk or roping) of the course from which a player may move his ball without penalty prior to playing his next shot. Common reasons for GUR to be marked are new constructions, damaged water lines, etc.
Grounding (the club)
To place the clubface behind the ball on the ground at address. Grounding the club is prohibited in bunkers or when playing from any marked hazard.
Grow teeth
A golfer's plea for the ball to stop quickly.
A ball made from gutta percha. It lost popularity when the wound ball was introduced at the beginning of the 20th century.
Gutta Percha
A rubber-like material used in the manufacture of early golf balls. It was a hard, molded substance made from the sap of several types of Malaysian trees.