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Letter I - Golf Definitions, Terms, Vocabulary and Slang
Most popular type of golf ball dimple pattern in use today. 20 triangular groups of dimples allow the same air pressure on all parts of the balls as it flies through the air, reducing wind resistance.
Iffy lie
A questionable, where it is uncertain how the ball will react when struck.
In his bag
Expression used by a golfer who is confident in his ability to pull off a certain shot. The shot is in his bag or "In the bag".
In Jail
Term used when faced with a difficult shot with little option for hitting towards the green.
In the hunt
Term describing any player who has a chance of winning a tournament heading into its final stages. Alternatively, describes any hacker looking for his errant tee shot.
In the leather
Phrase meaning a putt is close enough to the cup (a distance no greated than the length of the putter grip) to be conceded.
Inactive Season
An inactive season is the period of time determined by the authorized golf association having jurisdiction in a given area during which scores made there will not be accepted for handicap purposes.
Fee paid, up-front, prior to joining a private club. An initiation fee may vary between a few hundred dollars to nearly $100,000 at some of the most elite clubs in the world.
Inset Hosel
A club design with the hosel toward the center of the club face in an attempt to reduce head twisting.
Swing path in which the player's club, on the downswing, crosses under its path on the backswing, ending up directed more to the right of target than desired. Inside-Out swings typically result in either pushes, draws or hooks, depending on the position of the club face at impact.
Interlocking Grip
Grip style where (for right-handed players) the pinkie finger of the right hand is hooked around the index finger of the left. Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods use the interlocking grip.
Type of tournament in which contestants must be invited in order to play. The most recognizable invitational event in the world is the Masters Tournament held each spring in Augusta, Georgia.
Inward Nine
The back nine holes, so named because traditionally golf courses (especially links style) are designed to come back "in" toward the clubhouse after going out on the front nine.
Irons are metal-headed clubs used for most shots between tee and green. Sometimes you can use them from the tee at holes where accuracy is more important than distance. The sand and pitching wedges are also irons.
Is that any good?
Rhetorical question posed to stunned opponents by a golfer who has just hit a career-best shot.