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Letter N - Golf Definitions, Terms, Vocabulary and Slang
N Handicap Type
Nine-hole Handicap Index
Probably the most popular form of golfing wager. It's a three-part bet with the front nine, the backnine, and the total match being equally weighted wagers. The name comes from Nassau Country Club in New York, where the bet is said to have originated.
A nasty is a junk bet you can cash in on if you hole a shot from off the putting surface and your score for that hole equals par or better.
Net score
A net score is a player's score after his handicap strokes have been subtracted from the gross score. A plus handicap player adds his handicap strokes to the gross score to yield his net score.
The name of a golf club that was used throughout the 1800's and into the early part of the 20th century that was a short headed steeply lofted iron club, no used for playing out of ruts and tight lies. It would be lofted between 40 to 45 degrees, similar to today's nine iron or pitching wedge.
Nike Tour
Now-defunct professional golf circuit, sponsored by Nike, for male players one level below the PGA Tour. Now known as the Buy.Com Tour.
Nineteenth hole
The bar and grill you visit after your round.
Nip it
When you hit an iron shot without taking a divot, you have nipped it. Good golfers do this in an attempt to minimize backspin; bad golfers do it by accident.
NL Handicap Type
Local nine-hole handicap
When you hit a shot that achieves the absolute maximum distance for that club, you have nuked it.