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Letter O - Golf Definitions, Terms, Vocabulary and Slang
The abbreviation for "Out of Bounds".
Occasional Water
A condition where water is unintentionally present and the areas are marked accordingly. The golfer may pick up, clean, and place the ball outside the occasional water area with no penalty.
Popular in the 1980's, a pattern of dimples with 8 triangular groupings of dimples on the ball.
The distance from the forward most point of the hosel to the leading edge of the blade. Offset is engineered into some model of irons to help players who tend to leave the clubface open at impact to square the clubface (aligning the club face with the target), thus reducing a slices, helping the player to draw the ball and may produce higher ball flight
On fire
You're on fire when everything you do on the course seems to work out just as you planned.
On the screws
Description for a well-executed shot. In the good 'ol days, when woods were made of wood, club makers fitted a piece of plastic insert into the club face as a safeguard against premature wear. These inserts were fastened to the club with screws. When a golf would hit a good shot, he would say, "I hit it on the screws."
One a side
When your sandbaggin opponent insists that his handicap is two strokes higher than yours, you'll have to give hime two strokes to make your match even. So you give him a stroke on the most difficult hole on each nine—one a side. Then you sit back and watch as he shoots sixty-eight.
One Wood
The proper name designation for a driver (the lowest lofted wood club).
Type of tournament that is open to anyone who qualifies. Both professional golfers and amateurs may play in open competitions provided they meet certain qualifying criteria.
Open Face
When (in relation to the target line) the clubface is angled away from the player's body, ie angled right for right-handed players.
Open Stance
When a player's front foot is drawn backwards further from the target line. Used to fade the ball or to prevent a hook.
Open The Door
To misplay a shot that allows your opponent back into a hole, a match, or the tournament.
Out of Bounds
Any area encountered during a round of golf from which play is prohibited. Typically, but not always, out of bounds (OB) is off normal course property. The penalty for OB is stroke and distance. The player must return to the spot where the original ball was played, hit another shot from there and add a penalty stroke to his score.
Outside Agency
A term given to something not part of the match. A dog or bird would be examples.
Swing path in which the player's club, on the downswing, crosses over its path on the backswing, ending up directed more to the left of target than desired. Outside-In swings typically result in either pulls, fades or slices, depending on the position of the club face at impact.
Outward Nine
The first nine holes, so named because traditionally golf courses (especially links style courses) are set up where the first nine holes went "out" away from the clubhouse.
Overlapping Grip
The grip style in which (for right-handed players) the right pinkie finger rests on top of the left index finger. Also known as the "Vardon Grip".
Over Par
Term given to the number of strokes a player's score is over the par for the number of holes played. For example, if a player shoots a score of 40 on 9 holes whose par is 36, he is said to be "4 over."
An override is a Handicap Committee's action which cancels a Tournament Score reduction. An override is not to be used as a preventive measure to block an anticipated reduction