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Letter V - Golf Definitions, Terms, Vocabulary and Slang
V Grooves
Face grooves pressed, cut, or cast into a "V" shape during club manufacture.
On an undulating green, the relatively flat areas between mounds. The most famous valley is the Valley of Sin, located on the eighteenth hole at the Old Course, St. Andrews, Scotland.
Vardon Grip
The grip style in which (for right-handed players) the right pinkie finger rests on top of the left index finger. Also known as the "overlapping grip," most golfers grip with this style. It is named for Harry Vardon, a champion golfer of the early 20th century.
Variable Face
A golf club face with a different face thickness on one or more areas.
The speed of a golf ball.
Vertical Flow Weighting
Club set weighting with weight shifting vertically from a concentration of weight toward the sole of long irons to more traditional weighting on short irons.
Victory lap
The circle a putt makes around the rim of the cup before falling in.
The measurement of the size of a wood head as measured by liquid displacement.