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Letter X - Golf Definitions, Terms, Vocabulary and Slang
A putt that is pulled to the left for a right handed golfer, to the right for a left handed golfer.
Yardage (distance) chart
A plan of the holes on a course showing the distance from one point to another. It can be printed by the course or prepared by the golfer or his caddie.
Yardage Marker
An object that indicates how far a specific location id from the hole. Yardage markers are often found at 200, 150, 100 and 50 yard intervals from the green. The markers may be trees or bushes along the sides of the fairway or rough or may be plastic, cement or similar objects sunk in the ground in the center of the fairways.
The condition, either mental or physical, in which a golfer cannot seem to make short putts, or may not even be able to get them close. A short putt that is missed badly is said to be "yipped".